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Wednesday June 28, 2017    

What We Do
Driving adoption of utility programs and energy-efficient products
TechniArt has been engaging utility and renewable energy customers since 1986. We work with utility companies, state agencies, municipalities and transformation groups, to provide turnkey services that increase participation in utility programs and promote energy-efficient products.

Our approach is simple: TechniArt's trained staff brings your product to your customer using high-quality mobile retail store engagements, product fairs, and fundraisers. We elevate your programs using our extensive knowledge of energy-efficient products, while breaking down adoption barriers by connecting the consumer with your promotions and explaining product benefits.

With over 1,000,000 consumers engaged, our customized programs energize the customer experience and inject a bit of fun into the energy conversation. Simply put: we want your customer to enjoy the educational experience, use the energy-efficient products, AND become evangelists for your programs. Let's drive adoption together.

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