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Wednesday June 28, 2017    

Corporate Profile
TechniArt is a privately held company established and incorporated in the State of Connecticut in 1986. One of the cofounders and shareholders, Gary Cardillo remains active as the company's President. The Vice President is Adam Tardif. We have seven key staff members and about twenty part time sales representatives. The company is an equal opportunity employer.

Our headquarters are located in Collinsville, CT, approximately 20 miles west of the capitol city of Hartford, allowing us easy access to New England and the Tri-State Area. At this site, we have offices, a retail store and warehouse facilities of approximately 42,000 square feet. We have recently opened an office and warehouse facility in Clark, New Jersey to execute Energy Saving Lighting Fairs on behalf of the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU) and New Jersey's Clean Energy ProgramTM as part of the Green New Jersey Resource Team.

TechniArt was founded to develop and market products that promote the use of alternative energy, especially photovoltaic panels (converting sunlight to electricity). At the time, most of the products we promoted were in their infancy and generally unknown to consumers. We became a distributor of ARCO solar panels and acquired a license from AEG to import and market their crystalline silicon "mini panels." In addition to marketing these, and several other alternate energy products, we developed a solar battery charger that targeted small private aircraft owners. The charger was also sold to Mobil Oil for use on offshore diving bells.

The alternative energy market in America is very distinct and relatively small. Easy access and availability of power from the existing power grid, coupled with the high initial cost of installing alternative sources, presents huge barriers to market growth and consumer interest. Even with rising energy costs and potential energy shortages, the majority of residential consumers won't readily adapt to new technologies, especially those that require alterations to their home or changes in lifestyle.

To remain profitable and true to our cause, we decided to focus more attention on developing consumer products that showcased new technology, and could be considered both fun and educational. We created the world's first gold photovoltaic wristwatch. It is powered by light and utilizes a rechargeable capacitor instead of a battery. We also developed an energy efficient, battery operated toy, which we patented and licensed to Hasbro, Milton Bradley and Bandai of Japan. This brief history shows that we have the talent and tenacity required to explore and market new concepts and new products.

Project Experience
Today, more than a 20 years later, we find ourselves still promoting energy products, only this time, mainstream household, energy efficient lighting. In 1997, we identified a unique opportunity to promote ENERGY STAR lighting products outside of the traditional brick and mortar stores. We found consumers to be ill informed and reluctant to discover the benefits of CFLs and fluorescent fixtures. We joined with ENERGY STAR to become one of the first lighting partners with a quest to develop into avid promoters of this fairly new technology.

TechniArt promotes and sells energy efficient lighting technologies in a variety of different ways for ourselves and on behalf of major electric utility companies, energy service providers, state agencies, municipalities and transformation groups. Just as the Internet plays an important role offering users information, goods and services, so does TechniArt. Our niche is a mobile operation that takes the product directly to the consumer. This opportunity comes with tremendous advantages. Most stores lack the expertise to help customers make informed decisions concerning new technologies, unusual products, and/or products that need demonstration. We fill that void. Our direct contact with the end user has resulted in enormous amounts of quantifiable market research that has helped us to determine which products are most in demand, and what consumers are willing to pay for them.

TechniArt has adopted the name, Energy Saving Lighting Fairs, for our mobile retail sales events. We train and employ a full time, knowledgeable and experienced sales force that specializes in energy efficient lighting. Our product line includes a desirable inventory of ENERGY STAR CFLs, fixtures, LED holiday light strands, LED night lights and flashlights, cold cathode CFLs, electricity monitors, smart strip surge protectors and commercial fluorescent tubes and fixtures. TechniArt's Energy Saving Lighting Fairs have been very successful at commercial businesses, home shows, small expositions, retail venues, college campuses, state and town fairs, fire safety events and at fundraisers.

In addition to executing Lighting Fairs, we sell products online, at our retail store, the Energy Saving Outlet, through our fundraising campaign entitled Lighten Up, via special fulfillment projects and wholesale. TechniArt is also an outside sales representative for New England Energy Management. We perform lighting audits at commercial businesses where we identify inefficient technology and propose retrofit projects supported by local utility conservation programs. And finally, we sell wholesale electricity to commercial and industrial customers in deregulated utility markets on behalf of Glacial Energy.

Over the past eleven years, we have partnered with several utilities to educate residents about the features and benefits of ENERGY STAR lighting. TechniArt's promotional team has spoken to over 300,000 residential customers in New England, New Jersey and New York. We have sold over 1,000,000 CFLs and more than 250,000 fixtures.

TechniArt represents an exceptional choice for its innovative sales, marketing, and market transformation programs. In most instances we offer turnkey programs. We can help customize a plan for both small and large promotions that will exceed your goals and meet your budgetary requirements. We are flexible and have the ability to meet your needs and expectations.

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