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Wednesday June 28, 2017    

Pop-up Retail
TechniArt's pop-up retail store engages your customers in new venues and educates them about energy-efficient products. Our sales staff is trained to convey your messages and program benefits in a way that breaks down adoption barriers and inspires your customers to act.

We operate our program in conjunction with your utility retail markdown program, just like a brick-and-mortar store, ensuring your customers receive the best value and the highest level of service in the following high-traffic locations:
  • Business buildings and campuses
  • Shopping malls
  • Home shows, community fairs, and public events
Our Value Proposition

I. Customer Education
Our trained sales associates are energy-efficient product experts, engaging your customer with our interactive booth displays that help dispel misconceptions about application and performance. The result is an energizing, one-on-one educational interaction.

II. Program Marketing
In addition to selling energy-efficient products and achieving your energy savings goals, our mobile units can promote utility programs creating significant value through a secondary interaction at no additional cost.

Our staff is experienced in generating pledge signups, promoting appliance recycling programs, collecting emails, distributing educational flyers, and implementing short surveys. You name the program - we can promote it.

III. Utility Brand Equity
The mobile store is an extension of the utility's brand; the space brings your brand and messaging to an enhanced level. Our utility and municipal partners maximize brand visibility by adding their brand design and messages to the booth display and energy efficiency kits. As products are purchased, happy customers are seen carrying their kits and products back to their office or through the shopping mall/community event.

Sign-up Process
  • Execute a 2-party MOU
  • Apply utility incentives to qualifying products
  • No administration fee for our mobile store operations
  • Start engaging customers!

Check out our current utility clients and their results. If you are interested in our programs and services, contact us.

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